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A no contact order is a court order issued by a judge or court. It is used to prevent people from contacting one another for the purpose of maintaining peace in the family. If you are facing a no contact order, it’s important to get legal advice from an attorney so that you know what your options are. A no contact order can be issued by the courts to protect both children and adults alike.

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A no contact order, also known as an ex parte order, is a court order to prohibit the behavior of one party or the other. This can be during the divorce process or any other situation where one party needs a little bit of protection from the other.

Spokane No Contact Order Lawyer

A no contact order is the best way to stop harassing communications from an ex-spouse. In order to get a no contact order, the party that is not allowed to contact the other party must file for a restraining order, which can be filed in small claims court.

The protection of a no-contact order can be due to physical abuse, harassment, stalking, sexual assault, or familial violence. While many domestic cases are handled without the need for legal intervention, some people in Spokane may benefit from hiring an attorney to help with a case involving a no-contact order.

If you’re trying to protect your family from the person who is threatening them, you should consider hiring a lawyer. The attorney will be able to file for a temporary or permanent no contact order that prevents their client from contacting them. They can also file for an emergency no contact order in case their client makes threats of violence against them.

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